Multi-Tier Gambling Bonus

Almost all the online casinos attract new players and online gamblers by offering various bonuses. The traditional welcome or sign up bonus provided by the online casinos was limited to the lower end of a few hundred dollars and applicable to the first deposit only. Once you have finished the betting requirements on this bonus your engagement with the bonus was over. But now you have multi-tier gambling bonus. This bonus is usually offered over a number of deposits. The deposits can stretch up to a month or even a year.

Majority of the casinos are comfortable at offering the benefit over a longer period of time at the same time ensuring the player’s loyalty over that longer period. For this player, online multi-tier gambling bonus is beneficial since he does not have to make a very large initial deposit. Many of the players play casino games for recreation and they cannot assign huge amounts to online betting. Even if they want, they will hesitate to do so or make big financial commitments until and unless they tried out the casino. However, with multi-tier gambling bonus online, the player spreads his investment over time.

Two of the most well known casinos that have very popular multi-tier bonuses are Rushmore Casino and Online Vegas. The total welcome bonus offered by Rushmore Casino is $888 and it operates over two stages. The first stage offers a bonus of 100% of the deposit subject to a limit of $400. The second stage offers a bonus of 100% of the deposit subject to a limit of $488. This way you need to make a deposit of $888 up front. You can begin with $400 and if you are not enjoying the experience at the online casino you need not avail of the second installment. It is this aspect that makes the bonus very attractive.

On one hand, Online Vegas has taken the principle of multi-tier gambling bonus to new levels by offering a bonus of $5,000. This is offered over ten deposits. The first deposit offers a 100% bonus up to a limit of $500. In the second stage the bonus is 125% of the deposit. A maximum deposit of $300 gives a bonus of $375. In the third stage the bonus is 150% of the deposit. A maximum deposit of $500 gives a bonus of $750. By now the player should be comfortable with the online casino and be willing to make the larger deposits needed for the next stages. The fourth to the ninth stage offer bonuses of 25% of the deposit subject to a limit of $250. The Online Vegas multi-tier welcome bonus ends with a bang. The tenth installment offers a bonus of 200% of the deposit. A maximum deposit of $1,000 yields a bonus of $2,000.

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